Why We* Believe

Respect for

Integrity in Yoga

deserves our Attention ...

* 'We' are a team of Ambassadors for Integrity in Yoga in Belgium.

Sat naam I am Annelies Hari Avtar… Very happy that this webpage and the Integrity Policy of the Belgian Kundalini Yoga federation has been born. Because we are all human beings, made up of the 5 tattvas and we need consciousness to make sure we are not reigned by patterns, but act from an energy that is human. Because, from my life experience, I know how deeply trauma and (sexual) transgression may be embedded in our bodies, aura and energy systems.

Because as a yogi, I believe we are here to communicate for a better tomorrow! 

Sat Nam, my name is Charlotte Viriam Kirti Kaur.

It is with enthusiasm that I want to be active in the dynamic Ambassadors-for-Integrity-in-Yoga team.

We have a mission to seek the means to fight against all the abuses linked to the practice of Kundalini yoga and to support the "survivors" of physical or psychological abuse. We see it as our role to communicate about this in the world of yoga, in order to create a better world.

Hello, I am Els Ravinder. I am delighted with the birth of our Ambassadors-for-Integrity-in-Yoga team. For too long we kept silent about transgressive behaviour that exists also in the yoga context. I have loads of respect for the survivors who talked openly about the harm done to them. Thanks to their courage, measures can be taken to avoid abuse and new cases will find their way more easily to the surface. It is my dream that in 2021 all yogi’s in Belgium embrace the Integrity-in-Yoga-movement and join this team.

Sat nam, my name is Gian Atma, Saren.

I support the work and initiative Hari Avtar Annelies and Els Ravinder took. 

Transgressive behaviour and the “lockdown” that often follows is hard for survivors, perpetrators and for all the persons involved in the system.

I see people and systems being healed when there is recognition, conversation,…

I experience safety in situations where there is space and time to become aware, to heal.

I deeply wish this for our whole community, for every human

Sat Nam, my name is Véronique and I am so grateful and honoured to be part of the Team of Ambassadors for Integrity in Yoga in Belgium. 

I strongly believe that more awareness is needed, for our world to cultivate a global sensitivity regarding integrity, in order to contribute, in making our yoga mat a safer, happier and better place!

Love and light to all.